12 Quotes from Strong Famous Introvert Women

1.Lady Gaga

She is an amazing talented artist, she is a great introverted woman that has displayed her creativity for the world to see and has become a life long success.

2.Marilyn Monroe

I have always been fascinated with the legend of Marilyn Monroe, her life had a lot of mystery. She was so sought after and to read that she needed space and time alone to restore herself is something I can relate to.

3.Beyonce Knowles

I was surprised to find out that Beyonce was a fellow introvert, what a force this women is. She is a reminder to have confidence in everything you do and to not hold back.

4.Julia Roberts

I love this quote, we need to love ourselves before we can have the capacity to truly love someone else.


5.Audrey Hepburn

What a classy woman she was, talented actress and humanitarian. Her words are music to my ears, enjoying the beauty of nature and animals.

6.Angelina Jolie

No regrets! We all make mistakes, this is how we learn and become the person we are today.

7.J.K. Rowling

J.K.Rowling’s personal story of how she went from rags to riches is inspiring. She is reminder of hope when everything is falling apart, never ever give up!

8.Meryl Streep

I have a lot of respect for this lady, she has been able to transform herself into so many different roles of women from all walks of life.

9.Rosa Parks

Being brave, have no fear for what you know is right and standing up for yourself.

10. Ingrid Bergman

I love this quote, pushing past her shyness to become a legendary actress.

11.Meg Ryan

Introverts can be great leaders, we have a quiet authority that will make people listen when we do talk.

12.Helen Hunt

We have power to do anything we put our minds to, be successful and brave.

What a list of accomplished introvert women, some of the women on this list did surprise me when I started researching. We need introverted people to stand out as much as extroverted people. I want my fellow introverts to be proud of who they are and to know that we can make a big impact in this world.

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The Decision Process of an Introvert

I wanted to share with you my thought process and decision making as a fellow introvert on how I decided to start my own business. As an introvert we will sometimes over analyse and overthink EVERYTHING. This is a good point because once we make our decision we are ALL IN and do not look back!!!

Step 1: Identity the problem that is causing the decision

My decision grew from a big problem that had occurred; I had just had my hours cut back at work. Six months prior the company had also canceled my group benefit plans, I was now also paying for medication and dental at full price.  The economy in our area was really bad and no one was hiring, many people had been laid off. I was also caring for My husband who has chronic Lyme disease and was unable to work, I was the one responsible for bringing in a pay check. I had to make a decision on how I was going to make extra money or get a new job.

Step 2: Gather relevant information

I had to decide if I quit the job where I was working and go to another job in my same industry? No, everyone in our industry was also suffering and were not hiring. It was not just our industry that was not hiring, NO ONE was hiring at the time. How about just working at an entry level job such as the local grocery store or gas station? No, minimum pay and would have to work around my current job and probably work more weekends and evenings. This would take me away from my sick husband and our son, who rely a lot on me. Go back to school and learn a new trade or skill? No, I would need to borrow money to go back to school and still have to make money to pay for our mortgage and bills.

Step 3: Identify the alternatives

I started thinking if there was a way I could work from home and work around my current job. I started investigating work from home jobs and businesses. I didn’t really want to sell make up or small end products that was going to take me away from family in the evening and weekends. I then discovered a website called The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and listened to the entire video and finally I started to see a bigger picture of being able to make money from my home.

Step 4: Weigh the Evidence

I watched all the videos and read about The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and learned that I could start making really good money online and start my OWN business. This fit perfectly with working the days I had to at my current job and work on my laptop at home. What did I know about online marketing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, this was all new to me – I don’t know anything about this. I learned that they had coaches, videos and a whole community that walked along with you and would give you the tools you needed to succeed and learn.

Step 5: Choose among the Alternatives

Keep working for a company and build someone else’s fortune? Start at an entry level job and work evenings and weekends? Go back to school and learn a new trade? Sell a small profit product to my family and friends on evenings and weekends? Do nothing and just hope the economy will pick up and loose more money?

Step 6: Take Action

I decided to look at the bigger picture and long term future for my family and decided to start my own business with working online. I needed to realize that I would be learning a whole new world of online business, they would give me the tools and training I would need. I knew I had NO CHOICE but to at least to try it out – what did I have to lose at this point?  I TOOK ACTION with The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle .

Step 7: Review your decision & its consequences

I am confident with the decision I made and I will make money and build my own business that long term will make us financially free. The consequences are that if I had never decided to take the plunge with The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle. I would look back with regret for not taking a chance on me, to build confidence within myself and help other people to improve not just the financial future but improve their lives.


There is my decision process that led me to start my own business and it has been GREAT. I have a wonderful group of people that have helped me to succeed. I love that I can work anywhere now and make money even when I am not working. I even have people that close my sales for me and I get to spend time doing the things I love.

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Best Decision

The Introvert Leader

The first word that comes to mind when you hear the word “Introvert” is shy, and this can be very misleading. An introvert tends to turn inward mentally; we get energized by being by alone. An extrovert needs people around them to get energized. When I was younger I would have never considered that I was an introvert. I did not discover this amazing quality until I was reading a parenting book in regards to the introvert parent raising an extrovert child. In reading this book it helped me to discover more about myself and how I function in life, dealing with people and know that it is ok to take a step back from people when needed.

I would not consider myself a typical shy person, I love to visit with people, listening to what they have to say and getting to know who they are. If I am in a room full of 100 people, and I am talking with you. You have my 100% attention and I do not even see the 99 other people. I give all my energy and attention to visiting with you; by the end of the day my energy is diminished. This is the time when I have to take a step back, regroup and spend time alone to build up my energy.  When I walk into a room, I will not be the first person to speak. I will listen to you, ask questions, and then process the information I am taking in. At this time I will talk and share what I believe is relevant to the conversation.

There are many great leaders of success that are introverts – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Steven Spielberg, Sir Isaac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg,  just to name a few people.  Introverts make good leaders and have a lot of wisdom and insight.

Introverts are focus driven.

We are not easily swayed and when there is a job to be done we are focused and determined. Introverts are disciplined, work well by themselves and can keep on track without be distracted. Working well behind the scenes to reach the goal, our best creativity can come out when we are left by ourselves to work on the task. We observe situations while taking a step back, where others are busy talking we notice the details that many people may miss. Introverts are not about just today and this moment, we can see the bigger picture and the goal that we are heading to.

Introverts are great listeners.

We need more people to listen, people feel they are validated and connected when someone sits down and just listens. We won’t interrupt you while you are talking; the conversation is about the person who is sharing their perspective and ideas. Listening first and then talking, with this action we establish a trusting relationship with you. We create a healthy environment to lead a great team with good communication and encouragement.

Introverts are independent.

There is no need to validate an Introvert by other people, we are confident in whom we are. We do not rely on other people or external sources to make us feel better about ourselves.  Introverts know that we cannot always depend on others to get the job done; we just get it done ourselves. This is an empowering freedom that we have that helps us deal with the ups and downs of life that comes our way. We need to have Introvert Leaders as much as we need Extrovert Leaders. If you ever thought being an introvert could not make a difference in this world, we can make a big difference and become successful leaders.

The painful truth behind my motivation.

I am going to share my personal story and be honest in giving you a view into the window of my life. I want to be real and raw on the reality of my personal life, this is not easy but I want to share this with you. Many of you may relate and see how from loss and hardship that there is hope, where there is hope – there is life changing moments.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Darren for almost 21 years; we adopted a beautiful baby boy 9 years ago. Our son is now 10 years old, and he is the light and joy of our lives. Darren and I started our married life working hard, traveling and had the opportunity to live in different adventurous communities. One year before we adopted our son we noticed Darren was not feeling quite right. He was suffered from severe daily headaches, chronic fatigue, neck pain, spine pain, and nerve pain all over his entire body. For several years he went to numerous doctors trying to find out what was wrong, what was causing these debilitating symptoms. Eventually doctors told him that he needed to see a psychologist, because his symptoms were ‘all in his head’. Finally, he found a doctor in Vancouver who specialized in Lyme disease and he got tested and was diagnosed. He was also diagnosed with various other ailments that are often associated with Lyme disease, such as babesia, anaplasmosis, bartonella, parasitic roundworms, and hookworms.

Sadly, the healthcare system in Canada does not acknowledge this disease, and doctors are not trained to diagnose or treat it. As well, there is currently no conclusive test for Lyme or tick borne infections. Since the Canadian medical system does not acknowledge Lyme disease, there has been no support for medical treatments, doctor fees, medications, medical testing, and alternative medicines, etc., to help Lyme patients, like Darren. We spent our life savings and used up our credit to get the treatments that Darren needs to just stay alive and ease the constant pain.

Darren has been unable to work for the past 7 years; we had been relying on my paycheck. I worked hard at my job, being a loving and attentive mother and helping to care for my sick husband. When my work had to cut back my hours – this was devastating to our situation that was fragile already. This moment is what motivated me to start taking controlling of my life and recover what we had lost. This moment is when I started my own business, we realized if we wanted to make the money we really needed to help my husband get better, improve our finances and yes take a family vacation – we HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO START OUR OWN BUSINESS!!

This opportunity has allowed me to spend time at home with my husband and drastically improve our financial situation. We have been able to rebuild financially and improve Darren’s health. My family has been my motivation to make the best decision to starting my own business. We all come from different situations that make us want to make a change from; a loss of a job, paying off debit, feeling stuck in a dead end job, or wanting to build our own fortune instead of someone else’s. I shared my story so that it will give you hope and encouragement to consider starting your own business.

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How I transformed from being an employee to become MY OWN BOSS.


To learn how my path changed from working for a company to becoming my own boss, we need to travel back in time. The true old saying “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger” is so commonly spoken of people who are in their  40’s, 50’s and even older. I grew up in a home with parents that graduated from high school that directly started working for a company the day after they left school. They started at an entry level position and slowly worked their way up into middle management, due to loyalty and long years of service that entitled a person to a job promotion due to the time put in. My Father worked for the same company until the day he retired, he worked hard and made a decent wage.


The job force has changed since the days of my parent’s lifelong job position with the same company are gone,  rewarded long term employees who get promoted just based on their years of service. Gone are the days that your job is secure, when companies are more worried about their shareholders making a profit in the 3rd quarter then securing their employees job.  Larger companies buying the other companies, laying off staff and demanding twice amount of work.  People now are changing jobs or even careers every few years to keep working in the fast changing pace of corporate America.

As I started navigating the waters on “what do I want to be when I grow up?”  the focus that was taught to me was all about Education, Degrees and diplomas. No company would hire our generation unless they had a degree. I went to college for 2 years and received my degree in Graphic Design, finding a job soon after graduation. I started working in the Embroidery, Sportswear and promotional product industry. Using my creativity to produce the best and having not much inspiration by the end of each day. I was just an employee, getting a raise every once in a while but not getting ahead in life. The pay was just enough to pay my bills and put a small amount in my savings.

I had worked in this industry for 20 years and was starting to get weary and tired, having to work twice as hard for the same result. The economy starting going downhill and was affecting our industry, resulting in our clients cutting their spending budgets with the company drastically. The day finally came when I was called into the office and was told that they had to cut back my hours due to the economy. I was devastated at that moment, my loyalty and hard work was nothing when my boss could not pay the bills.


I needed this job or so I thought because my husband has Chronic Lyme Disease, and is unable to work due to his illness. This moment was a turning point for me, it made me take a step back and take a look at what I had done with my life.  Taking a hard look and realizing that I had put all my eggs in the one basket and that basket had fallen. My industry was changing due to technology and online purchasing, viewing the long term outlook was not good if I stayed where I was at. I started searching for work and discovered that a job posting that would normally receive 40 applicants were see over 400 applicants apply. My search then turned to online work and discovered that I could have my own company, make money and create a financial future for my family. I found the perfect opportunity with a great team on my search. I started to travel down this road and had people to guide and teach me the opportunity and benefits of working at home – being your own boss. I finally saw hope and was in the driver’s seat for once, making the choices to become financially SUCCESSFUL. It was not an overnight process and I did a lot of learning and listen to the experts that had great success. I made choices and decision based on the information I had learned and did was best for my business.

I had to change my way of thinking of being an employee to being the CEO of my own business. I had to think long term, not just today and this moment – LONG TERM. Did I know exactly what I was doing? NO!!!  Was I unsure and questioned everything? – YES!!!  I was NOT ALONE! I was given many resources and access to experts who had traveled the same path I was on many years before me.  These people had all the same questions, fears, excitements and SUCCESS that I was having.  I took a chance on building MY fortune and success instead of someone else’s.

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Who do you have to share your office with?

Who I share my home office with is my dog named Pickles, my son gave him this wonderful name. I love that I get to have him near me while I work, he is usually curled up sleeping at my feet. He is a great companion, never talks back, gives me attitude or contributes to office gossip. Pickles is a french bulldog/pug mix, he just turned 1 year this past January. It is great to have the opportunity to spend time with him while I work and if we want to go for a walk – we just leave and have no one to ask permission. The only noises that come from him while I work is his loud snoring. Pets are great stress relief to your work day, they show unconditional love and enhance the quality of your life. It is great to spend my work day with Pickles and if you want to make a change from working at a Zoo office space to working with your pet near you click here:  START HERE FOR SUCCESS



4 Reasons that are stopping you from being SUCCESSFUL

  1. Fear of the unknown – we tend to stop ourselves from moving forward because we don’t know what the future will look like exactly. We internalize what we think should happen and are not anticipating that some of the best things in life are unexpected. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the great possibilities that are available to you – you can be missing out on a great opportunity.
  1. Our attitude to learning – I am too old to learn a new skill – many of us think with this negative attitude. There is a lot of great people around you, tools on the internet, and books that can help and guide you to learn a new skill or trade. It is like learning a new language, you may not understand it right away but the more you re-read, review, practice and try it out the more comfortable you become in speaking the new language. Listen and learn from people that are experts in the new skill you want to learn, most love to help and teach people what they are passionate about in their field of expertise.
  1. What others will think – You are the only one that can make the changes you need that is best for you and your family. You cannot control what other people think of you but you can start taking control on letting other people’s opinions effect you. You need to stop letting the negative comments of people who do not know what it is like to walk in your shoes, and allowing them to change your mind from the path that you have chosen. There will always be someone saying that you are crazy even if you are the most successful person in the room. Those people are insecure about whom they are, they need to put others down to feel better about themselves.
  1. Fear of failure. This all about the “what ifs”, you will not know till you step out of your comfort zone and take a step out in faith. If it does not work out – this is OK! Get up, dust yourself off and try again. A famous quote from Thomas Edison: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work.” We need to persevere and NOT GIVE UP, we live in a society that expects instant results – we need to put in the hard work and keep pushing and never ever give up.

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