My name is Caroline Fisher and I am excited about this amazing opportunity that I am sharing with you. I started on this journeyCaroline Mar 2 when my hours had been cut back at my job due to the economic down turn in Alberta, Canada. I was among a large growing group of people that were also looking for work, job postings that would normally have 40 applicants where seeing an increase of 400 applicants for 1 job posting. How do you find another job that works around your current job? I started to research and discovered this great opportunity online and have been so thankful that I took the first step to create this wonderful opportunity to work from home. It has given me the flexibility and financial freedom to take care of my family.

If the fear of having to sell to people paralyzes you then this opportunity is a great fit for you. I love visiting with people however – I am an introvert. The thought of selling face to face actually stresses, scares and exhausts me. We all have different degrees of introvert shyness that can stop us from wanting to succeed and take that unknown first step that can change our financial future drastically. When you decide to take this opportunity, you are NOT ALONE. You are surrounded by a great team that teaches and guides you to become successful.

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