12 Quotes from Strong Famous Introvert Women

1.Lady Gaga

She is an amazing talented artist, she is a great introverted woman that has displayed her creativity for the world to see and has become a life long success.

2.Marilyn Monroe

I have always been fascinated with the legend of Marilyn Monroe, her life had a lot of mystery. She was so sought after and to read that she needed space and time alone to restore herself is something I can relate to.

3.Beyonce Knowles

I was surprised to find out that Beyonce was a fellow introvert, what a force this women is. She is a reminder to have confidence in everything you do and to not hold back.

4.Julia Roberts

I love this quote, we need to love ourselves before we can have the capacity to truly love someone else.


5.Audrey Hepburn

What a classy woman she was, talented actress and humanitarian. Her words are music to my ears, enjoying the beauty of nature and animals.

6.Angelina Jolie

No regrets! We all make mistakes, this is how we learn and become the person we are today.

7.J.K. Rowling

J.K.Rowling’s personal story of how she went from rags to riches is inspiring. She is reminder of hope when everything is falling apart, never ever give up!

8.Meryl Streep

I have a lot of respect for this lady, she has been able to transform herself into so many different roles of women from all walks of life.

9.Rosa Parks

Being brave, have no fear for what you know is right and standing up for yourself.

10. Ingrid Bergman

I love this quote, pushing past her shyness to become a legendary actress.

11.Meg Ryan

Introverts can be great leaders, we have a quiet authority that will make people listen when we do talk.

12.Helen Hunt

We have power to do anything we put our minds to, be successful and brave.

What a list of accomplished introvert women, some of the women on this list did surprise me when I started researching. We need introverted people to stand out as much as extroverted people. I want my fellow introverts to be proud of who they are and to know that we can make a big impact in this world.

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