The Decision Process of an Introvert

I wanted to share with you my thought process and decision making as a fellow introvert on how I decided to start my own business. As an introvert we will sometimes over analyse and overthink EVERYTHING. This is a good point because once we make our decision we are ALL IN and do not look back!!!

Step 1: Identity the problem that is causing the decision

My decision grew from a big problem that had occurred; I had just had my hours cut back at work. Six months prior the company had also canceled my group benefit plans, I was now also paying for medication and dental at full price.  The economy in our area was really bad and no one was hiring, many people had been laid off. I was also caring for My husband who has chronic Lyme disease and was unable to work, I was the one responsible for bringing in a pay check. I had to make a decision on how I was going to make extra money or get a new job.

Step 2: Gather relevant information

I had to decide if I quit the job where I was working and go to another job in my same industry? No, everyone in our industry was also suffering and were not hiring. It was not just our industry that was not hiring, NO ONE was hiring at the time. How about just working at an entry level job such as the local grocery store or gas station? No, minimum pay and would have to work around my current job and probably work more weekends and evenings. This would take me away from my sick husband and our son, who rely a lot on me. Go back to school and learn a new trade or skill? No, I would need to borrow money to go back to school and still have to make money to pay for our mortgage and bills.

Step 3: Identify the alternatives

I started thinking if there was a way I could work from home and work around my current job. I started investigating work from home jobs and businesses. I didn’t really want to sell make up or small end products that was going to take me away from family in the evening and weekends. I then discovered a website called The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and listened to the entire video and finally I started to see a bigger picture of being able to make money from my home.

Step 4: Weigh the Evidence

I watched all the videos and read about The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and learned that I could start making really good money online and start my OWN business. This fit perfectly with working the days I had to at my current job and work on my laptop at home. What did I know about online marketing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, this was all new to me – I don’t know anything about this. I learned that they had coaches, videos and a whole community that walked along with you and would give you the tools you needed to succeed and learn.

Step 5: Choose among the Alternatives

Keep working for a company and build someone else’s fortune? Start at an entry level job and work evenings and weekends? Go back to school and learn a new trade? Sell a small profit product to my family and friends on evenings and weekends? Do nothing and just hope the economy will pick up and loose more money?

Step 6: Take Action

I decided to look at the bigger picture and long term future for my family and decided to start my own business with working online. I needed to realize that I would be learning a whole new world of online business, they would give me the tools and training I would need. I knew I had NO CHOICE but to at least to try it out – what did I have to lose at this point?  I TOOK ACTION with The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle .

Step 7: Review your decision & its consequences

I am confident with the decision I made and I will make money and build my own business that long term will make us financially free. The consequences are that if I had never decided to take the plunge with The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle. I would look back with regret for not taking a chance on me, to build confidence within myself and help other people to improve not just the financial future but improve their lives.


There is my decision process that led me to start my own business and it has been GREAT. I have a wonderful group of people that have helped me to succeed. I love that I can work anywhere now and make money even when I am not working. I even have people that close my sales for me and I get to spend time doing the things I love.

It’s time for you to make the best decision ever – start here:

Best Decision


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