The painful truth behind my motivation.

I am going to share my personal story and be honest in giving you a view into the window of my life. I want to be real and raw on the reality of my personal life, this is not easy but I want to share this with you. Many of you may relate and see how from loss and hardship that there is hope, where there is hope – there is life changing moments.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Darren for almost 21 years; we adopted a beautiful baby boy 9 years ago. Our son is now 10 years old, and he is the light and joy of our lives. Darren and I started our married life working hard, traveling and had the opportunity to live in different adventurous communities. One year before we adopted our son we noticed Darren was not feeling quite right. He was suffered from severe daily headaches, chronic fatigue, neck pain, spine pain, and nerve pain all over his entire body. For several years he went to numerous doctors trying to find out what was wrong, what was causing these debilitating symptoms. Eventually doctors told him that he needed to see a psychologist, because his symptoms were ‘all in his head’. Finally, he found a doctor in Vancouver who specialized in Lyme disease and he got tested and was diagnosed. He was also diagnosed with various other ailments that are often associated with Lyme disease, such as babesia, anaplasmosis, bartonella, parasitic roundworms, and hookworms.

Sadly, the healthcare system in Canada does not acknowledge this disease, and doctors are not trained to diagnose or treat it. As well, there is currently no conclusive test for Lyme or tick borne infections. Since the Canadian medical system does not acknowledge Lyme disease, there has been no support for medical treatments, doctor fees, medications, medical testing, and alternative medicines, etc., to help Lyme patients, like Darren. We spent our life savings and used up our credit to get the treatments that Darren needs to just stay alive and ease the constant pain.

Darren has been unable to work for the past 7 years; we had been relying on my paycheck. I worked hard at my job, being a loving and attentive mother and helping to care for my sick husband. When my work had to cut back my hours – this was devastating to our situation that was fragile already. This moment is what motivated me to start taking controlling of my life and recover what we had lost. This moment is when I started my own business, we realized if we wanted to make the money we really needed to help my husband get better, improve our finances and yes take a family vacation – we HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO START OUR OWN BUSINESS!!

This opportunity has allowed me to spend time at home with my husband and drastically improve our financial situation. We have been able to rebuild financially and improve Darren’s health. My family has been my motivation to make the best decision to starting my own business. We all come from different situations that make us want to make a change from; a loss of a job, paying off debit, feeling stuck in a dead end job, or wanting to build our own fortune instead of someone else’s. I shared my story so that it will give you hope and encouragement to consider starting your own business.

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