Who do you have to share your office with?

Who I share my home office with is my dog named Pickles, my son gave him this wonderful name. I love that I get to have him near me while I work, he is usually curled up sleeping at my feet. He is a great companion, never talks back, gives me attitude or contributes to office gossip. Pickles is a french bulldog/pug mix, he just turned 1 year this past January. It is great to have the opportunity to spend time with him while I work and if we want to go for a walk – we just leave and have no one to ask permission. The only noises that come from him while I work is his loud snoring. Pets are great stress relief to your work day, they show unconditional love and enhance the quality of your life. It is great to spend my work day with Pickles and if you want to make a change from working at a Zoo office space to working with your pet near you click here:  START HERE FOR SUCCESS




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